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Dear Reader,

Where in the world is the best place to retire? Mexico? France? Thailand? Maybe, Italy…or Ecuador? The list of possibilities is endless. And it is all, of course, based on personal preference. One man’s paradise can be another man’s hell.

We here at International Living have been in the business of scouring the globe for the best retirement destinations around the globe for over 30 years. We know a good retirement location when we see one. And that’s where we’d like to help you.

The world is always changing. And opportunity shows itself in new places all the time. That’s why every year we take stock of the climate, cost of living, safety, infrastructure, accessibility of health care, and more, to we compile our Annual Global Retirement Index. We look specifically at the best opportunities worldwide for retirement living.

How does International Living determine its rankings? IL editors compile, weigh, rank, and rate a series of criteria including cost of living, infrastructure, health care, ease of integration, real estate, special benefits, climate, etc. This is a qualitative assessment based on real-world data gathered on the ground.

In this report we give you our top 10 Retirement Havens and the reasons why we think these are the best places to consider if you are planning a retirement overseas.

Yours sincerely,

Jackie Flynn

Publisher, International Living


The World’s Top 10 Retirement Havens

# 9: Uruguay

From its Old-World theaters and opera houses to its jazz festivals and exquisite restaurants, Uruguay looks and feels like Europe. Uruguay is one of the most diverse, affordable, and sophisticated countries in the region. It is a special place. From gaucho(cowboy) country to small towns to those stunning white-sand beaches, a quest for beautiful beaches and low property prices is certainly worthwhile.

The diversity and quality of life in Uruguay is everywhere. You’ll speed down the excellent highways—flying past ancient cars from the 20s through the 50s—passinggauchos in traditional dress tending their herds along the way. This is Uruguay.

Or you’ll enjoy swimming in the South Atlantic Ocean, sunning yourself on the beach of South America’s most dazzling beach resort. And while doing this you can look forward to a mouthwatering seafood dinner along the water, a visit to a high-rise casino, perhaps followed by a stroll through one of the most exclusive shopping districts in this part of the world. This, too, is Uruguay.

So is the old city of Montevideo, with its shady sycamore-lined streets, fine restaurants, granite structures, colorful markets, and artisan fairs. And also Colonia with its historic buildings and authentically restored Old Town, as well as La Paloma with its miles of unspoiled beaches, and Chuy, sitting on the border with Brazil with its wild-west atmosphere.

Uruguay is located between Brazil and Argentina, and is the second smallest country in South America after Suriname. It boasts 120 miles of Atlantic coastline, and 270 miles on the Uruguay River. If extensive infrastructure, ease of access, and an established expatriate community are retirement necessities for you…you can have all that in Uruguay.

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